Youth Hip Hop Non-Performance Classes

These kids hip hop classes are focused on having FUN, being active and learning some new skills! No performance or competition in the end. No extra fees to worry about. 12 week sessions that are fun and easy!

Styles taught: Hip Hop, Break Dancing, Ballroom and Latin.

Register for September 13th Classes!
$120/12 week session/ child

no extra fees. no dance performance. no costumes.

Dance styles taught

Hip Hop

This style is very popular with kids of all ages. It gives them an opportunity to explore movement, improve in their coordination and rhythm recognition. It is a great time to spend with friends or to find new friends in the class. No previous experience is required.

Break Dancing

Break dancing can be taken together or separate from Hip Hop and teaches your child footwork and floorwork. It helps him/her to become stronger, faster and to get out of their comfort zone. Both boys and girls are welcome to attend.

Kids Hip Hop Demo

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