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Hip Hop Classes for Kids & Adults

Get ready to light the dance floor on fire with funky hip hop! You can express your style with no limitation with us, just be yourself and dance. We can help you find your unique personality at our studio in Salt Lake City, Utah! Don't wait - started dancing now!

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Add Fun to Your Life

Dancing is like magic! Come to class, enjoy moving your body, & feel what a difference it makes in your life. See our class schedule here.

Something For Everyone

Both Kids & Adults have great class options for dancing Hip Hop and beyond! For a complete list of all of the styles we offer, see our dance styles page here.

All Levels Welcome

Our Tuesday night Hip Hop class for adults is an "All Levels" class that likes to cheer each other on! Come join us. Sign up for the next class here.

Hip Hop & Break Dance With Us

  • DF Dance Studio - Reinvent yourself with Salsa, Ballroom, Tango and Swing!
  • DF Dance - Kids Break Dance Class
  • Adult Hip Hop at Df Dance Studio
  • Hip Hop Class at Df Dance Studio in Salt Lake City
  • Hip Hop Dance Studio in Utah - Halloween Show at DF Dance Studio
  • Youth Hip Hop Class @ DF Dance Studio in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Kids Hip Hop and Bboy Class @ DF Studio in SLC!
  • Intermediate Hip Hop Dance Class at DF Studio in Salt Lake City Utah
  • Advance Hip Hop Students practicing at DF Dance studio
  • Kids, Junior, & Youth Dance Classes at DF Dance Studio in Salt Lake City
  • Kids Hip Hop and Bboy Class @ DF Studio in SLC!
  • DF Dance Studio Kidz Crew Hip Hop Company SLC UTAH

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