Stop and put the Tablet down... or remote, controller, smart phone, whetever has your child captivated now. We all want our kids to move and get energy out so they fall into bed at night and sleep all the way till morning. It's every parents dream right? Dance classes help channel that energy so that can happen but it also has many other benefits. Benefits of Dance go beyond a more active and healthy lifestyle but gives kids essential skills they need for life.

Social Skills! Kids learn to communicate and express themselves more fully and effectively. In our partnering classes they are forced to communicate on multiple levels in a respectful ways with their partners.

ConfiDANCE. We all know how important posture and body language are when making a first impression. Whether it’s a job interview, a first date or simply just meeting someone for the first time, most of us have learned that standing tall, being open and wearing a smile are simple but effective ways of communicating confidence. In dancing, these same things apply and are in fact, the foundation for good dancing and performance. .

It has been scientifically proven that movement helps increase brain function. Dancing combines music and movement, two activities that are already known to benefit cognition and learning in kids. Studies already show that movement and exercise “sparks new brain cells and their connections”(1). On top of that, kids who dance are interacting with music as well as learning and memorizing choreography, providing them with a kind of, “full body workout”, for the mind.